"Probing the analogous and infinitely related structures of our universe, from the microscopic to the macrocosmic" (Casey Mcdonough).

I am a multidisciplinary artist based, with my wife Maggie and young son Cedar, both in St. Petersburg and at our family land in rural Gulf hammock, Florida we call “The Floating Woods”. As a native who spent my formative years stalking and dwelling outdoors, I have a deep connection to and love for Florida’s unique natural environments. My diverse practice includes, the collection and manipulation of found specimen, sculpture, installation, painting, photography, and video.

Like the naturalists of old who ventured into the unknown, returning with curiosities to contemplate and impart, I collect, preserve, and transform common, overlooked phenomena hidden just beneath the surface of the natural and cultural environments all around us, into embodied mysteries imbued with significance. Many source materials are gathered from extensive stalking in and around The Floating Woods. Others I find locally through my work as a native landscape gardener, on walks in the park, or just outside my front door. These all gather in chaotic piles and ephemeral dioramas, often filling my studio, garage, and yard until over time they are given narratives. Paralleling this curiosity with nature I also engage in a near continual rhizome-like, cross-discipline consumption of culture including art, music, literature, religion, philosophy, physics, history, etc. My studio practice flows out the integration and these compulsions. The varied creations emerge through linking these wanderings/dwellings in the field with an intuitive approach to making that guides the direction and shapes the layered meanings of the artworks.

My newest sculptures and paintings are the result of my studio practice evolving and expanding over the past few years. Shifting away from using found specimen as the primary art making materials, I have begun to push toward more intentional manipulation and reproduction of the natural forms and patterns using more traditional materials. These new creations remain faithful to the original forms, while simultaneously exploring ecstatic new possibilities often through exaggerations in scale, composition, and color. 

Through these explorations, I hope to open up a dialogue toward reconstructing new ways of seeing ourselves and our collective place in the world - to encourage a deeper understanding of what it means to be human and to have a more grounded and sustainable connection to the earth we are given to live and move and have our being.

For some behind the scenes images about my studio practice and The Floating Woods, please visit my Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Grant blog. 
(impactreturns.org/kenny-jensen), and listen to my related podcast interview (Arts In: Kenny Jensen).

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