"Probing the analogous and infinitely related structures of our universe, from the microscopic to the macrocosmic" (Casey Mcdonough).

I am is a multidisciplinary artist based on the west coast of Florida with my wife Maggie and our young son Cedar. We bounce back and forth between St. Petersburg and our family land in rural Gulf Hammock, FL that we call The Floating Woods. As a native who spent my formative years continually out of doors exploring and observing, I have a deep connection to and love for Florida’s unique wilderness. My diverse conceptual practice includes the collection and manipulation of found specimen, sculpture, installation, painting, photography, and occasional performance art.

Many of my inspirations and source materials are gathered from extensive stalking in and around The Floating Woods, as well as from my work as a native plants landscape gardener in St. Petersburg. The varied artworks emerge through linking these wanderings/dwellings in the field with a similar studio practice, allowing the intuitive process of making to guide the direction and meaning of the artwork. 

My newest sculptures and paintings are the result of my studio practice evolving and expanding over the past few years. Shifting away from using found specimen as the primary art making materials, I have begun to push toward more intentional manipulation and reproduction of the natural forms and patterns using more traditional sculptural materials. These new creations remain meticulously faithful to the original forms, while simultaneously exploring ecstatic new possibilities through wild exaggerations in scale, composition, and color. 

Like the naturalists of old who ventured into the unknown, returning with strange curiosities to contemplate and impart, I am a collector and composer of common phenomena hidden just beneath the surface of the natural environment all around us. By presenting and reproducing these findings in beautiful and unexpected ways, I seek to open up a dialogue toward new ways of seeing ourselves and our collective place in the world, with the hope of encouraging a deeper understanding of what it means to be human and to have a more grounded and sustainable connection to the earth we were given to live and move and have our being.

For some behind the scenes images about my studio practice and The Floating Woods, please visit my blog that documents my recent projects. 


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